About Me

I have found so many benefits from the practice of yoga and meditation . My background is Social work and in the spring of 2002 I completed a bachelors degree in Child and Youth Care at the  University of Victoria.  During this time  I discovered Yoga, I continue to practice daily and it has been a big part of my life for many many years . A few years ago I suffered an injury that caused me chronic pain. In an attempt to deal with this pain  I tried  many different healing methods . All of these disciplines  dealt successfully with the pain but not with the emotional aspects of the  trauma created by the injury . Eventually I met a  teacher who suggested I try Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy  to  deal not only with  the physical pain but the emotional pain as well. After only  one session I felt immense  emotional and physical relief. Phoenix Rising Yoga therapy is a unique and powerful  approach that uses the body as a path to awareness  After a few sessions of this  therapy  I felt compelled to learn more  about this unique approach and began my studies  to become a therapist. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy  is a beautiful combination of meditation, yoga and body work .  In the spring of 2015 I completed my certification  to become a Phoenix Rising yoga Therapy Practioner.  I always seek to empower  my clients and  to honor  their individual  life paths.